Teeth Whitening

Tooth Gem

Lip Blush

Lip Neutralization

BB Glow Meso

The teeth whitening procedure is very simple. The hybrid gel is applied to the teeth. An LED light is placed directly in front of the client’s exposed teeth and runs for 15 minutes per treatment (for a maximum of 45 minutes). Since we DO NOT use trays, we are able to provide custom results for our clients and apply the whitening formula (4-6% hydrogen peroxide, 2% carbomide, peppermint, vitamin E and baking soda) to each tooth individually, enabling us to achieve the best results with little to no sensitivity for our clients.

Tooth gems are a semi-permanent way to personalize your smile. Each session is fully customizable! Clients can choose from over 50+ different styles, ranging from authentic Swarovski crystals, opal gems and 18k gold tooth gems! Tooth gems are applied to the outer surface of the tooth and the application is completely pain-free & drill-less. The application process is similar to the application of an orthodontic bracket. A tooth gem can last up to 6-12 months with proper care and is only recommended to have removed by your dental professional.

Lip blushing is a permanent makeup tattoo technique that can be done to look beautifully natural to fix imperfections or to look like lipstick with a contoured lip line depending on your desired outcome. Pigment is custom-mixed and colour matched to a shade of your choice (our recommendation if you aren’t sure) and applied translucently over the lips to even out the overall tone, and re-define lost boarders.

Lip neutralization tattoo, also known as lip colour correction, is a specialized permanent makeup technique designed to address concerns related to uneven or unwanted lip pigmentation. It is an ideal solution for individuals who have experienced discolouration or dissatisfaction with the natural colour of their lips.

BB Glow Mesotherapy is a safe, non-invasive skin brightening treatment designed to specifically combat the negative effects of prolonged UV exposure and promote healthy melanin levels. This makes it a highly effective procedure for improving the appearance of a wide range of common skin concerns, such as: wrinkles, discoloured skin, freckles, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and sunspots. Nano-needles are used (which are even smaller than micro-needles) to gently deliver serums into the skin cell membrane, which helps to achieve a healthy-looking glow while markedly reducing blemishes. Unlike other BB Glow treatment options, this procedure is approved by Health Canada and is safe for all skin tones.